Board of Review

Open Book  April  20, 2023 10:00-Noon

Board of Review, April 27 2023  10:00-Noon

Annual Clean Sweep

FDL Co. Annual Clean Sweep May 6, 2023  9:00-Noon FDL Co. Hwy Shop-1820 South Hickory St., FDL

Election Testing

Notice is hereby given that the public test of the voting equipment to be used at the August 9, 2022 Primary Election, will be conducted at the Byron Town Hall, N3097 HWY 175, Byron at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 3rd, per Chapter 5, sec 5.84 Wisconsin Statues.  This public test is open to the general public.

Mary Laudolff Municipal Clerk, Dated July 27, 2022