Bulky Waste


May 22. 2024 ALL-DAY

They will come after regular pick which they watch who has bulk and who doesn’t.

They will not return another day if it’s not out at 6:00 am Wednesday

Harter's Lakeside Disposal Contact's for residents

General:  920-522-5412

Toll Free:  833-754-2158

Fax:  920-552-5414



Wisconsin Act 50 prohibits the trash collection of electronics.

NO TVs, VCRs, DVD players, computers, monitors, etc.


• Washers/Dryers
• Freezers/Refrigerators
• Stoves
• Air conditioners
• Dehumidifiers
• Microwaves
• Hazardous Materials
• Tires
• Yard Waste
• Construction/Demolition Materials
• Iron/metal scrap
• Anything with an engine such as lawn mowers, chain saws etc.

Any item that is too large for the truck, more than 60lbs., or is too heavy to load safely by two persons, will not be collected.

Any item not on this list, and not on the Unacceptable forms list, will need to be assessed; A determination made by Harter’s as to whether or not it can be safely collected.

If you are uncertain about the acceptance of particular items, please contact Harter’s Lakeside Disposal.

Harter’s can provide dumpsters for the removal of remodeling materials, roofing and general household projects. Call Harter’s Lakeside Disposal for details on container sizes available.


• Furniture such as couches, tables, chairs, beds, mattresses and metal furniture
• Baby/child car seats
• Basketball goal – Remove concrete base & cut to 6ft or less; concrete will not be collected; (must be taken to construction demolition landfill or full-service recycling center
• Bathtubs – 60lbs or less; 8 ft or less; if larger than 8ft, must cut in half (NO CAST IRON TUBS)
• Bed frames – Dismantle
• Beds (metal) – Dismantle
• Bikes
• Box springs 12
• Cardboard boxes, please cut down to 3ft (or smaller) pieces and place in the recycling cart for collection
• Carpet – Roll & cut no longer than 4ft; no more than 60lbs
• Carts (metal) – No grocery carts
• Couches
• China cabinet hutches- Empty; tape the glass
• Chairs
• Chests – Empty
• Desks – Empty
• Doors – Tape glass if applicable
• Dressers – MUST be empty
• Entertainment centers – Empty – Tape glass if applicable
• Fireplace inserts – Remove bricks; no bricks collected
• Floor coverings – Includes carpet & padding installed by homeowners only; roll carpet & padding; 4ft or less; no more than 60lbs.
• Garbage cans – Tag with a note indicating to take each
• Glass doors, windows, table inserts – Using tape, make an X over the glass and place curbside
• Grills – Remove propane tank; 60lbs or less; no commercial grills
Gutters – 4ft or less
• Hampers – Empty
• Landscape timbers – Cut to 4ft-6ft or less; NO RAILROAD TIES - NO TREATED WOOD
• Linoleum – Roll & cut no longer than 4ft; no more than 60lbs
• Loveseat
• Mattresses
• Patio furniture
• Pool Covers – Folded; only folded cover 60lbs. or less will be collected
• Push Lawnmowers – Remove gasoline; remove battery, if applicable.
• Toilets – Clean & empty
• Toys (Large)