Dog License Requirements

Dog License are a requirement by State Statute:  Wis. Stats. Chapter 174.05 – Dog license tax - requires all dog owners to pay a dog license tax and obtain a license for dogs over 5 months of age each year

Dog licenses fees: $8.00 for male or female dogs, $3.00 for spayed or neutered dogs.

Kennel license $35 for 12 dogs, $3 each additional dog.

The deadline to license dogs and kennels is March 31.  Late fees, $5 per dog, apply after April 1.

Can be paid at time of tax collection to avoid late fees.

PROOF OF CURRENT RABIES SHOTS MUST ACCOMPANY REQUEST FOR DOG LICENSE.  Copy of veterinary paperwork usually works to verify all necessary information needed to issue a license.  Owner’s name, address & phone number, dog name, age, breed, color, sex, rabies dates & serial number.

Please send all above information and fees to:
Town of Byron Treasurer
N3097 State Rd 175
Brownsville, WI  53006

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the license tag and receipt.

Town of Byron Animal Control Ordinance.  For stray dogs call Kay Murre 920-904-2534.  All dogs picked up, owners will be contacted if licensed, or taken to the Humane Society if not, where you will have to pay the fees associated with the pick up and return of your dog.

Questions?  Kay Murre 920-904-2534 [email protected]