2024 Budget Resolution

Resolution #2302

Whereas. s. 60.10 (1) (a) of Wis. Statutes authorizes the town electors of a town to adopt the town 
tax levy at a town meeting of the electors;

Whereas, a special town meeting of the electors has been called for this 14ᵗʰ day of November, 

Now, therefore, the special town meeting of the Town of Byron, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, by a 
majority vote of the eligible electors voting on this 14ᵗʰ day of November, 2023 duly assembled and 
voting resolves and orders as follows:

BE IT RESOLVED, the town electors of the Town of Byron, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin hereby adopt 
the town tax levy for 2023 to be collected in 2024 at

The town clerk shall properly post this resolution at the Town Hall and the Town’s website as 
required by law under s. 60.80 of Wis. Statutes within 30 days of adoption.

Adopted this 14th day of November, 2023, at a Special Town Meeting.

Number of town electors voting aye 12
Number of town electors voting nay 0
Number abstaining of not voting (if determined)   0

Signature of Town Meeting Chairperson:   Dustin Westphal
Signature of Town Clerk:  Mary Laudolff


2024 Town of Byron Budget


General Property Taxes                $367,560.00

Intergovernmental Revenues         335,623.15

Licenses and Permits                       17,100.00

Public Charges for Services            137,650.00

137,650.00 Miscellaneous Revenues  3,500.00     

Total Revenues                           $861,433.15



General Government                      $131,540.50

Public Safety & Health                     178,813.27

Public Works                                    533,469.38

Public Health                                       2,610.00

Capital Improvements                      15,000.00

Total Expenditures                     $861,433.15